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        Janpan Stored Rareearth for 10 Years Using, but still High-Profile Ask China to Sell with Low Price

        Back Data: 2014-03-14 | Share: 官方微博


        "Middle-East have oil, while China have rare earth", it is the words by Mr. Deng Xiaopeng in the year 1992. But the rare earth did not take China fortune, even it is more seldom than oil. At the same time, Japan, U. S. A. and so on bought the rare earth from China with very cheap price and build up the strategy storage. It is said Japan stored the rare earth in the sea, which could fulfill its using for 20 years at least.

        When China decide to limit the rare earth export, Japan asked China to expand again and again. China refused this unreasonable request from Japany clearly.