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        Shanghai Aidu Energy Technology Introduction Video 

             Shanghai Aidu Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Which developed from Shanghai Huanwen Science Instrument Co., Ltd. has obtained tens patents of technology with more than 40 years R&D history ,Aidu constantly gained the support from National Ministry of Science and Technology as well as Shanghai Officials, Aidu gained national “High-tech Enterprise” in 2013 , ” New Special Expertise” enterprise in 2015 and  the government foundation support in 2016.

         Under the leading of three senior engineers, Huanwen Lu, Huiwei Zhou and Jinhong Su, Aidu has developed a R&D team which own more than 70 members .The team has participate in many projects launched by Chinese Academy of Sciences and Institute of Geology and Geophysics, which has made great achievements .Aidu has devoted to ground resource prospecting , disaster detection instrument R&D and sales ,the main products include mineral detector, water detector, portable drilling rig , geophysical instruments, geological instruments, electric detector, seismic monitor and prediction instrument, mineral element analyzer etc.

            Company got the certificate of ISO9000:2008 quality management system and also the member of  Geological-Mining Eequipment Branch of China Mining Association, Shanghai International Mining Exchange and China Modern Enterprise Culture Studies and so on.

            Aidu carries out  brand service by taking “Focus Makes Profession,First Makes Leading”as the culture of enterprise, making ”Precise,Hi-tech” as the goal of R&D and the demands of costumers as the guiding, so the repair, replacement ,refund and software updating service of the products are entirely guaranteed.Aidu’s costumers widely distribute in Chinese domestic areas,Southeast Asia and Africa and they all consistently think highly.


        Significant  cooperation enterprise introduction:

        Guilin Technology Hydrogeological Investigation Institute

        Our institute has a long R&D history .With the superior support of Guilin University of Technology ,we have set up a excellent team with more than 80 members who have advanced degree and well prospecting experienced. We put the R&D as the most significant work ,focus on scientific research , provide the best  technology service to the customer ,which makes us gained a lot of praise in geological exploration industry.

        Over the decades, the institute constantly enlarger the prospecting business and  make contributions to the society by developing new technology and instruments . 

            The future is brilliant although the road is full of difficulty. We believe that as long as the ground source could be rationally used ,the development of prospecting will healthy develop . We would devote all of our knowledge to the ground water detection as well as the geological disaster control .We hope that people from every part of society could continue support us ,your support will make us more and more brilliant in the future.