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        Cheif Engineer   Mr. Luhuanwen  Senior Engineer

        Cheif Designer of former Shanghai Geological Instrument Factory

        works for projects of Chinese Academy of Science with the 
        Institute of Geology and Earth.
        In the year 2003 to 2005, the mission to develop high-density resistivity instrument was successfully audited by National Natural Foundation.
        In the year 2006-2008, the high-power high-density 
        resistivity and high-density excitation polarization method instrument is approved by government.
        From 2011 till now, the CSMT instrument for mid and high depth survey is audited annually.




        Deputy Chief Engineer-Zhou Huiwei Senior Engineer

        Cheif Engineer of former Shanghai Geological Instrument Factory

        From 1964 to 1992, worked in Shanghai Geological Instrument Factory and took part in the designing, producing and sales for radioactive logging tools, directional drilling instrument, 24 channels magnetic field seismograph, SJJ-1 iduced polarization instrument, which is awarded as Second Grade Prize by Geological Department of China.

        1992 till now, worked together with Mr. Lu Huanwen, the development of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Tank & Troops of measurement instrument with automatic oil, and sales in 300 sets and also researched the 10 kW induced polarization instrument for the Chinese academy of sciences institute of geology and geophysics. 



        Mr. Lu Huanwen's Achievements in Work:

        Graduated in 1967 year, assigned to the work in Hunan geological survey bureau instrument maintenance work room, during repair and disassembling the many of the common testing instruments at home and abroad,

        In the year 1971 to 1978, as the technician duties, on the geological survey bureau, geophysical prospecting brigade instrument room in hunan province,

        In the year 1982 to 1985 , as the research assistant duties in the 2 rooms of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei Institute of Artificial Intelligence;

        In the year 1985 to 1995, as the director position, In electronics and technology application research institute three rooms, Wuxi city;

        In the year 1973 developed a short wire (far point to start) time domain induced polarization instrument, supporting high-power transmitter of 10 kW thyristor inverter assembly. Later stereotypes IP instrument D75 short wire and high-power transmitter in the country first. Reached the advanced domestic level after the mine measuring and imported equipment on-site comparison.

        After 76 years, the D75 type instrument by the Geological Bureau of Hunan production,since some of the geophysical team has used.76 years later developed the integral IP instrument to measure the secondary field on the decay curve area, the successful development of the instrument.

        In the year 77, start to develop nuclear precession magnetometer and aerial survey aircraft magnetic interference compensator which was successfully applied to the geophysical aerial survey aircraft;

        In the year 78, has passed the Chinese academy of sciences graduate school of Beijing institute of automation, during the computer A/D sampling and DFT (Fourier transform) is audio electromagnetic method and key technology of natural electromagnetic method;

        In the year 79, through the microprocessor in the application of geological instrument(low frequency complex resistivity instrument design) in 81, we successfully developed type low frequency DW83 complex resistivity instrument which was through the appraisal organization of the geological survey of Hunan province,the experts recognized as the first instrument measuring the the orebody amplitude and phase in China;

        In the year 83, held in Shanghai international exhibition of geological instrument negotiations as the introduce group of experts and foreign equipment business 

        In the year 1985, was invited to participate in intelligent IP instrument development by Shanghai Geological factory, after three years successfully developed and sold many sets

        In the year 88, the CMOS IP Miriam project was set up by Wuxi electronic institute.Developed into 10 kilowatts of electrical prospecting instrument, the combination of a timedomain frequency transmitter, the receiver is able to do spectral induced polarization and time domain induced polarization instrument;

        During the 93-97 year, as the chief engineer in Wuxi fire alarm factory,developed the plant a set of IPC control of fire alarms, saled in 6 million at that time, saled in 40 million after two years.

        In 1998 year, the French company and the fourth meter factory bus non-contact IC card fees R & D team in Shanghai, in 2000 was successfully developed, this device has been widely used in Shanghai public transport system;

        In the year 2000-2002, built the Green Sea of computer technology Co.ltd in Shanghai, which was developed the cooperation with private enterprises in Beijing Armored Force Institute tanks oil quality detector. After two years were equipped with more than three hundred sets of instruments in the tanks.

        In the year 2002-2003, was invited to develop the ozone water machine by the China Atomic Energy Academy of Sciences,developed into the district with disinfectant machine and household disinfectants;

        In the year 2003 to 2005, accept the mission to develop high-density resistivity instrument in two of the Chinese Academy of Sciences of the bus, which was the National Natural Foundation project, after two years successful developed, through the Foundation audited.

        In the year 2006-2008, accepted the mission to develop the high-power high-density resistivity and high-density excitation polarization method instrument by the Chinese academy of sciences institute of geology and geophysics. After one and a half year working, developed a set of ten kilowatts of power by emitter and receiver on 32 set data collector and composed of the electric prospecting instrument which was used for finding the gold in Inner Mongolia Chifeng and Shandong.
        In the year 2011,acceptd the mission to develop the CSMT instrument by the nation, which allocated one hundred million to cooperate the Chinese Academy of Science with the Institute of Geology and Earth to design till now.