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        Shanghai Aidu Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (China) is a high-tech limited joint venture, which integrate and involve the R&D, manufacturing and sales of geophysical prospecting instruments like electrical prospecting instruments, magnetometer, portable drilling rig and technique of processing plant; the main products also include IP (induced polarization) instrument, mine locator, water detector, ore analyzer besides above.

        Geological instrument,geophysical instrument,magnetometer,prospecting instrument,water detector,Resistivity meter,IP instrumen, Aidu, Aidu Honor widely purchased by universities, institution, mining companies and the private.

        Cheif Engineer Mr. Lu Huanwen is Senior Engineer, had been the Chief Designer of Shanghai Geological Instrument Factory and now works for projects of Chinese Academy of Science with the Institute of Geology and Earth. In the year 2003 to 2005, the mission to develop high-density resistivity instrument was successfully audited by National Natural Foundation. In the year 2006-2008, the high-power high-density resistivity and high-density excitation polarization method instrument is approved by government. From 2011 till now, the CSMT instrument for mid and high depth survey is audited annually.

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